ContempCon Vendors and Artists


Vendor and Artist Booth List

@atsalt | Kids’ Gallery, K1

144 Creations | Bridge Gallery, B9

A Grimes Studio | Bridge Gallery, B7

Alberta cartoon art and collectible | Kids’ Gallery, K6

Alexandra Brodt Illustration | Bridge Gallery, B2

Art by MG | Circle Gallery, C5

Art Cult Zine | Bridge Gallery, B3

Cassandra Peters | Back Gallery               

Crazed Lemming Productions | Circle Gallery, C1 & C2

DC Marvel League of OKC | Circle Gallery, C4

Dorshak Bloch | Main Gallery    

Full Face Smile | Circle Gallery, C8

Howaitogoburin Toy & Print Co. | Circle Gallery, C3

Jerry Bennett | Main Gallery     

John Eric Osborn | Back Gallery

Johnnie Diacon | Main Gallery  

Justin Stier and Samantha Kickingbird | Back Gallery       

Kyle Van Osdol | Back Gallery    

Laura Alexandra | Back Gallery 

Loot & XP | Small Dance               

Marvel Studios | Front Lobby   

Megan Nelson | Kids’ Gallery, K3

Melanie Gillman | Main Gallery  

Metropolitan Library | Bridge Gallery, B10

Monsters of Mayhem | Circle Gallery, C9

My Chic Geek | Kids’ Gallery, K7

Natasha Alterici | Main Gallery     

Nerdy&UKnowIt | Kids’ Gallery, K5

Perlin' the Sprites by Liz |Circle Gallery, C7

Pixlbit | Bridge Gallery, B1

Rotten Pumpkin Studios | Kids’ Gallery, K8

Serena Velvet Comics | Bridge Gallery, B5

Sew Nerdy | Bridge Gallery, B6

Shyanne Tilley | Back Gallery     

Strange Art Media | Circle Gallery, C6

The Bearded Foe | Small Dance

The Most Ever Company | Bridge Gallery, B4

Tony Thunder | Back Gallery      

Tyler Kelting | Back Gallery         

UCO Design | Kids’ Gallery,  K2

Warehouse RoyGBiv | Kids’ Gallery,  K4

Download a sortable vendor and artist list here. See the full ContempCon schedule here. Learn more about COMIX OK and ContempCon here.