Soul of an Underground

Soul of an Underground

Not For Sale: Soul of an Underground

6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 19 | FREE
Fairgrounds | 3000 General Pershing Blvd.

In partnership with the Ralph Ellison Foundation, Oklahoma Contemporary presents an evening of multimedia performance inspired by the Not For Sale exhibition. Understanding graffiti more broadly within the development of hip hop culture, the performance will feature a live DJ as well as emcees, dancers and slam poets to give voice to the artworks’ relevance to urban history, outsider culture and the social conscience of the hip hop movement.

Staged like a block party among the graffiti in the gallery, the event will also celebrate more underground lines of influence from earlier 20th-century phenomena like jazz, the Harlem Renaissance and beyond. Soul of an Underground will explore hip hop culture as part of a wider continuity of American artistic expression, rooted in African American history, which has had significant impact on the arts and society worldwide. From Louis Armstrong to Gwendolyn Brooks to Kendrick Lamar, from the local and homegrown to the national and global, from prehistoric cave paintings to contemporary tag artists, it’s all one soul.

Hosted by John Selvidge, from the Ralph Ellison Foundation, and Not For Sale’s co-curator Angel Little.


DJ Nymasis
Angel Little, emcee
Odessa I Reign, emcee
The Fairly Odd Crew, b-boys
Darrian Blanchard, poet
Anthony Crawford, Jr., poet
Larissa Carter, poet