Desert/Dessert, Sean Mueller
Still from Down the Drain
Still from Down the Drain, Anna Sullivan
(empty) lots
(empty) lots, Jack Swab

Showroom | Showcase: Experimental Geography Studio

5/11 - 5/19

Opening reception: 6 p.m. Thursday, May 10

Showroom | Showcase is a series of installations by local artists in the Showroom, located at NW 11th and Broadway.

In collaboration with University of Oklahoma professor Nicholas Bauch and his Digital Geo-Humanities class, the Showroom is a site for a transdisciplinary exhibition that combines new media art with scholarship in geography.

Collectively, the students explore how “the digital” can be wielded to challenge the popular understanding of geography that comes from google maps and other cell phone apps. The works use other forms of digital practices to consider various ways in which people interact with their environment, both natural and manmade. These student artist-geographers use near-future design thinking to give familiar themes from geography a way forward. The themes engaged with here include water conservation, food deserts, urban land use, indigenous agricultural technology, affective place attachment, and long-distance communication.