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Native artist Jeffrey Gibson talks about his multimedia exhibit 'Speak to Me' at Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center

The Oklahoman/NewsOK • May 12, 2017

He may be of Choctaw and Cherokee heritage, but Gibson’s exhibition “Speak to Me,” a multimedia show fusing sculpture, fiber art, beadwork, ceramics and video on view at Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, spells out an array of cultural influences -- sometimes quite literally, as many of his wall hangings and standing sculptures incorporate lyrics from pop hits, gospel songs and rap music.

In other words, viewers shouldn’t expect him to stay in his own lane, so to speak, when it comes to creating his vivid, abstract works of art.

“I actually understand the purpose of lanes and categorization. I think it’s actually very helpful in many ways for learning and communicating. … What I started thinking was that as an artist, if you begin to identify as an artist, I want to take advantage of everything that that allows. And probably one of the very first things is that you don’t have lanes,” he said during a private tour of his Oklahoma City exhibit.

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