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'Whiteout' in Automobile Alley

The Oklahoman/NewsOK • October 22, 2018
The Oklahoman Monday Oct  22 2018 Cover

In the autumnal calm of late afternoon, the 550 transparent spheres suspended above Campbell Art Park shift in sync, propelled by the gentle breeze and paled by the westering sunlight.

“A couple of days ago, it was like 40 miles per hour, the wind, and they were all like swaying and it was a very beautiful, undulating pattern. Right now, it’s very subdued, but still, it’s always in movement,” said internationally renowned artist Erwin Redl.

“But then at night, there’s always this big shift going on,” he added. “Especially here in Oklahoma City because you’re so far south that dusk and dawn is extremely short … and it’s like, boom, you turn on the lightbulbs. That shift is interesting to me. … Right now, we see all the cable structure, all the transformer boxes and all the extraneous infrastructure. But suddenly within 15 minutes, this all completely disappears. And all you see is the lights.”

As the sun went down just a few hours later, Redl’s prediction came to
pass: His new version of “Whiteout” was brilliantly illuminated, the
white LED embedded in each tiny globe brightly apparent as the 25
mesmerizing light sequences he programmed for the art installation
played out over 12 minutes and then looped to begin again.

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