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Vikki Penix

Communications Associate

Vikki Penix

Vikki Penix has 15 years of experience in cultural exchange along with the study, appreciation and creation of art. In 2000, she traveled to France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland as a People to People Student Ambassador, learning about cultures, art and customs. She has since returned to Europe and traveled to 24 of the continental United States.

After receiving her Bachelor’s in Art History from Oklahoma State University, Vikki interned for the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and volunteered at the Festival of the Arts. Though she’s worked in various industries, Vikki has realized that involvement in the art community is more than a personal interest, it is a passion. She loves Oklahoma Contemporary’s focus on continued art practice and expression into adulthood and is excited to be part of an organization that provides this outlet for people of all ages.

Vikki spends her spare time drawing, painting, sewing, reading and spending time with her dog and two cats. She treasures visiting museums as she travels and remains fascinated by how artists create meaning, depth and emotion from inanimate objects.

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