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Eight-Week Class | Printmaking: Drypoint and Monotype

Prerequisites: Beginners welcome! No experience necessary.

Anyone interested in discovering the printmaking processes trace monotype, monotype and drypoint should take this class! The first half of the class covers trace monotype and monotype and during the second half, you will learn with drypoint printmaking.

Trace monotype is a foundation for the development of a series of two 9” x 12” monotypes using the etching press. This process allows one to become familiar with the etching press and Akua non-toxic, soy-based inks that safely clean up with water. You will learn the following techniques: rolling ink, wiping ink and mark-making techniques, in order to achieve black & white tonal values as you consider positive and negative space. During the second half of the class, participants will experiment with drypoint printmaking. Imagery will come from the participant and can be sketches and/or photography. In this process, 5” x 7” plates will be engraved, and you will utilize a variety of tools to create marks on the plate. After experimenting with selected wiping techniques, participants will ink and then print the plate using the press, adding additional engraving to the plate, if needed.

Each participant will produce a small edition of prints. Once the edition is complete, experimentation will continue with possibilities of using color backgrounds, and printing on collaged or other miscellaneous papers. Open Studio* time is included with registration.

In addition to the required supplies listed on the course syllabus, students will also pay a $35 materials fee on the first day of class.

*Open Studio allows currently enrolled students to work on their projects in Oklahoma Contemporary’s studios outside of class meetings. Times vary weekly and may be booked two weeks in advance. See Open Studio Times here.

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