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Workshop | Make A Ceramic Vase That Hangs On The Wall

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I have an orange cat with a human name. Before we found each other, he lived on the street and stole food out of dumpsters. Fair enough, I’ve pulled cake out of the trash and eaten it — more than once. More than twice. Anyhow, now that Steve lives with me, I feed him cat food, but he can’t completely give up his street-cat habits.

Here is an abbreviated list of stuff he’s eaten (and when I say eaten, I mean stolen) when I wasn’t watching: tortillas, pretzel rods, baguettes, jalapeño potato chips, Goldfish crackers, carrots, popcorn, pizza snacks, pasta, and every plant, bunch, or bouquet of flowers I have ever brought home. I would like to have flowers in my house, but I also like my cat. This is what science calls a dilemma, but this is what Studio School calls an opportunity. Imagine this description is a segment on QVC: Flowers With Steve The camera pans to manicured hands (and paws) gesturing towards a bouquet of fresh flowers hanging on the wall.

Studio School makes your dreams come true. For one easy payment of $65 ($58.50 for members) you can craft a ceramic vase and enjoy fresh flowers that your cat can’t eat. Visit or call now. Only 12 spots remaining. Don’t wait. Order now.

Registration closes Jan. 29

Pick up your fired and glazed wall vase in a couple of weeks. Don’t worry, we will call you when it’s ready.

If the workshop is postponed due to weather or unforeseen instructor circumstances, the rain date is March 8.


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