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Camp | Back to Nature

Inspired by our current exhibition John Newsom: Nature’s Course, create playful and colorful animal and nature art pieces. Learn about a different animal habitat each day while making artwork using watercolors, pastels, collage and more. Get back to nature in this animal art adventure!

This camp is sold out!

Camp (four-day week) | Galaxy Art Adventure

Shine bright and explore a universe of art possibilities! While learning about contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Room installations, create a bright and bold universe of your own using lights, paint, paper, yarn and more. Don’t miss your chance to experience an art adventure that’s out of this world!

This camp is sold out!

Camp (four-day week) | Shadow Studio powered by Google

Take shadows to the next level! Learn about shadow puppetry and work with fellow campers to create an original story that will be played out by you and projected on the studio walls. On Friday, you’ll perform your colorful, collaborative shadow show for family and friends at the Camp Contemporary Showcase.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Into the Wild

Jump into a world of wild creatures and fantastic forests! Young artists will make their own paper mache creatures and work together to create colorful and elaborate habits using paint, paper, recycled materials and more. Tour Oklahoma Contemporary’s campus for inspiration, including the Art Garden, outdoor installations and galleries.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | ABCs of Clay

Let's learn about clay! This camp will focus on the fundamentals of ceramics, including coil building, simple mold making and glazing. Inspired by contemporary ceramic artist Sam Harvey, you will explore the beautiful world of ceramics and take home several colorful clay pieces to proudly display.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Monster Makers

Monsters are taking over the studios! Four arms, oversized eyes, kooky colors — these monsters will grow directly from your imagination. Create fun and silly 2-D and 3-D monsters using a wide variety of art materials all while singing, reading and playing with fellow little art camp monsters.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Brilliant Books

Create and read with us! This camp will explore the intersection of contemporary art and children’s literature. Inspired by author and illustrator Lisa Wee, draw, paint and create your own hardcover book that will showcase your love of art and books in a brilliant way.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Studio Kids powered by Google

Taking inspiration from Oklahoma City’s Factory Obscura, create a fantastic, immersive world full of original creatures and interactive artworks. Work together to build large-scale studio installations out of everyday items that will amaze family and friends.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Black Light Art Party

Explore the bright side of black light art! Work together to build a black light world that’s full of exciting movement, color and much more. On Friday, family and friends will be amazed by what you’ve created using the magic of black light and your imagination.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Tiny Performers – Big Roles!

Collaborate with fellow campers to create a play! In this camp, you’ll learn the basics of theater performance, character creation and simple prop design. On Friday, perform your whimsical show for family and friends at the Camp Contemporary Showcase. There are no small roles, only tiny performers!

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Nature Explorers

Grow with us this summer! In this camp, you’ll learn how to dye, print and paint with natural materials and create a multitude of earth-friendly, upcycled art pieces! In addition, you’ll see what’s growing as you explore Oklahoma Contemporary’s Art Garden. Let’s dig in and create art together!

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Pattern Power

Explore the power of patterns while learning about Off the Wall artist Sarah Ahmad. Create 2-D and 3-D art pieces that focus on bold colors, fun shape combinations and repetition. Experiment and play with a variety of art materials, including paper, paint, cardboard and much more. Campers will take home several finished artworks that showcase their new artistic powers!

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Robot Outbreak!

Robots are taking over Oklahoma Contemporary! Charged by imaginative play, work together to transform your art studio into a robot’s paradise and even build your own robot costume. “Beep boop buup boop!” — robot language for “Don’t miss this camp!”

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Underwater Art World 

Dive deep into a week full of underwater-inspired art-making. Powered by imaginative play, work together to transform your art studio into an immersive ocean full of crashing waves, colorful coral and swimming creatures of your own design. Hold your breath: This camp is going to make a big splash!

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Little Artists, Bold Designs

Being a young artist doesn’t mean you can’t make a big impact! Taking inspiration from Off the Wall artist romy owens plus contemporary artists Damien Hirst and Lefty Out There, learn about shapes, colors and repetition. At week’s end, take home several exciting and bold artworks. Grownups: Buy frames now, because you’re going to want to display these works!

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Puppets on Parade!

Let’s celebrate the last days of summer with a parade! Combine fabric, paint, upcycled materials and more to make larger-than-life puppets inspired by artist Pam Kravetz. Play drums, pipes and other musical instruments to create original soundtracks and add to the fun of Friday’s Camp Contemporary Showcase puppet parade.

Camp | Play & Print

If you love making a mess, you want to be in this camp! We’ll combine creative play and artmaking while learning the fundamentals of printmaking. Learn printmaking with silly materials like shaving cream and chocolate. It’s time to let loose, get into the studio and start playing!


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