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Scattered improvisational art supplies like sponges, leaves and twigs, alongside abstract painting and handwritten materials

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June 29, 2020

Camp-in-Place #AtHomeArt: Abstract Art Game

Roll the dice with Camp Contemporary instructor Katelynn Noel Knick
An abstract painting featuring blue, green, purple and yellow
Today's Camp-in-Place #AtHomeArt project engages movement, color and chance.

Camp-in-Place #AtHomeArt projects from Camp Contemporary instructors and Youth and Family staff. Sponsored by SONIC Drive-In.

Even during this time of physical distancing, playing games with friends is one of summer’s biggest perks. To help keep your kids engaged with art through play, today's Camp-in-Place #AtHomeArt project offers a fun way to connect with friends at a distance or virtually. The rules for today's Abstract Art Dice Game are simple. Using everyday household materials, this game engages movement and color for hours of entertainment. Roll the dice, and let's get started!

Household art supplies, including Q-tips, a sponge, a wine cork, a pair of dice, leaves and a twig
Gather a variety of objects that can be used to paint with: leaves, sponges, sticks or whatever you can find.


An abstract painting featuring blue, green, purple and yellow -- along with improvised art materials like a sponge, wine cork and leaves
Be sure to share your finished abstract painting using #AtHomeArt.

Directions and rules

As a group, come up with a set of rules for each die. One die will determine the object you paint with and the other one determines the style of mark that you will make. Assign specific objects and marks for each number on each die.

For example:

Object die

Mark-making die

Write the rules down where everyone can see them easily. The group leader will set the timer for two minutes. The artists will each roll their dice and follow the numbers they roll to see what object they will paint with and what mark they will make. Once time is up, each artist will stop and roll their dice again. Continue until everyone’s pages are full of colorful layers.

As always, don't forget to share you unique abstract painting using #AtHomeArt!

Katelynn Noel Knick is an Oklahoma City-based artist making paintings, sculptures and installations. She has exhibited solo projects at Myriad Botanical Gardens, Ahha Tulsa and MAINSITE Contemporary Art and has been featured in Art Focus Oklahoma, Oklahoma Gazette, The Coastal Post and Inspiring Conversations OKC Podcast. She co-founded Art Group OKC in 2017 and has organized various pop-up events in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Norman. Katelynn is on the Factory Obscura artist team and is working collaboratively to make immersive art.

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