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Aqueous by Jen Lewin (Dennis Spielman)
Figures in white shirts and black pants perform a dance outdoors on an interactive light sculpture

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Oct. 07, 2020

RACE for the Prize

OKC dance company brings original, Aqueous-inspired performance to Oklahoma Contemporary
A masked figure holding an acoustic guitar takes direction from a masked figure dressed in black outdoors
RACE Dance Company Creative Director Brandi Kelley works with a musician during rehearsal for an upcoming performance at Oklahoma Contemporary. (Photo by Dennis Spielman)

We're breaking in our dancing shoes this week at Oklahoma Contemporary. In addition to a premiere from Oklahoma City Ballet as part of our Bright Golden Haze: Reflections series at Scissortail Park, our new home at NW 11th and Broadway in downtown OKC will be the site of an original work from RACE Dance Collective inspired by Jen Lewin's Aqueous.

RACE has produced more than 25 full-length shows since its inception in 2008, including an annual compilation of world-renowned choreographic works. Kicking off at 7 p.m. Oct. 8, the Aqueous-inspired Expanse will be performed at dusk, offering optimal viewing of the illuminated light landscape in Campbell Art Park, outside our new home.

Dancers perform outdoors on an interactive light sculpture
Performers rehearse for Expanse by RACE Dance Collective with Aqueous by Jen Lewin. (Photo by Dennis Spielman)

"We had this beautiful opportunity to be commissioned to create a work inspired by another artist's work," said RACE Dance Company Creative Director Brandi Kelley. "Jen Lewin's Aqueous is a gorgeous exhibit. We've played on it before, and now we get to create work inspired by this. It's really exciting."

On top of experiencing a high-level performance, visitors will also have the opportunity to become part of the show themselves. "There will be suggestions and different things we'll ask from the audience at a point," Kelley said. "You'll see those suggestions reflected immediately in the performance, in the same way that this exhibit reflects the light and the people around it."

Free seated tickets for the socially distanced event have sold out, but some limited standing room is available. Whether you attend on Thursday or just want a better idea about what's in store for this collaboration with one of Oklahoma City's most exciting dance companies, check out the video below followed by an original poem from Brandi Kelley that will serve as a guiding mantra for the performance. And be sure to experience Aqueous in person before it closes Oct. 19.


I have no choice but to reflect you
As I walk amongst your curves and your gridlines
Let us expand

We are shifting through this mobius terrain
Choice by choice
Whether with or against tide
Let us expand

Though we stand in spaces of unique perspective, we have the same possibility of illuminating the course
Let us expand

When I feel the rhythm of my heart
And as I navigate these directed spirals, you are here
I have no choice but to reflect you
Let us expand

- Brandi Kelley, creative director for RACE Dance Company

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