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Dec. 07, 2021

Share a Story of Light With Erin Yeaman

Brighten up your holiday season with light-focused art experiences this Second Saturday

Two paper lanterns -- one green, one mosaic -- hang lit in a darkened room

Each holiday season, the streets, businesses and homes of Oklahoma City shine with festive colors and glowing lights. That radiance inspired award-winning cellist and professional storyteller Erin Yeaman to weave together live music and storytelling in an event that will mesmerize families of all ages. Don't miss her performance at this week's Second Saturday: Season of Light.

In a day filled with light-themed art-making projects like crafting paper lanterns and experimenting with colored projections and light murals, Erin’s performance offers families a chance to slow down and enjoy the magic of live music combined with a good story. Erin believes storytelling isn’t just about listening; it is about sharing.

“The great thing about being a professional storyteller is anyone who listens is co-creating the story with me," she says. "Yes, they are hearing my words and my music, but everyone creates unique images in their minds. This is especially true with kids — when their eyes light up, they get whisked away and let themselves get immersed.”

By pairing music with storytelling, that whisking away becomes even more magical. “We all want to connect, and when you combine stories with music you feel so much more.”

A schedule events atop a photo of a paper lantern

Erin's performance begins at 1:15 p.m. Saturday. She will play her cello and blend tales exploring a common theme of discovering your internal light and then sharing that light with others. In one story, a child learns that her voice is light and that she can shine the way for others only when she learns to value and express her own thoughts.

December's Second Saturday is full of family friendly activities, but storytelling isn’t just for kids. It’s an art form that helps families learn about their history, deepen relationships and understand traditions.

Erin hopes that her performance will inspire families to share more laughs and surprises this season no matter where they are. “Stories are sparked by questions. Families can ask each other questions in the car or while they’re making dinner or even folding laundry. You don’t need a stage, and there is no right time because stories like light — they are all around us and their glow intensifies the more they are shared.”

Join us 12-4 p.m. this Saturday to share your light. Have fun crafting paper lanterns, experimenting with light murals and letting yourself get lost in the joy of live music and storytelling.

Image: Cellist and storyteller Erin Yeaman. Photo courtesy the artist.

Paper lanterns by Youth and Family staff.

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