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Maren Hassinger, Paradise Regained
A sculpture of twisted wires rising out of pavers sits between a sidewalk and a lawn

Maren Hassinger: Nature, Sweet Nature

Maren Hassinger: Nature, Sweet Nature

Sept. 9, 2021 - Aug. 29, 2022
Sculpture Garden

Strands of twisted wire rope rise out of bed of pampas grass with a brick building in the background
Maren Hassinger, Garden (detail), 2020.

Traveling from Aspen Art Museum, the exhibition Nature, Sweet Nature by renowned artist Maren Hassinger has been reconfigured to respond to the grounds of Oklahoma Contemporary.

Nature, Sweet Nature is comprised of two installations constructed with galvanized wire rope. The two pieces, Garden and Paradise Regained, each stand in rows at relative human scale; one near the entrance to the art center and the other within the Sculpture Garden. Garden's uncoiled ends fan out like the panicles or inflorescence of tall ornamental grass while Paradise Regained is comprised of lengths of industrial rope leaning in a single direction. The movement evoked by the slightly curving lines creates a kinetic effect — a gentle illusion and optical rupturing of what is materially still that speaks to Hassinger’s practice in dance as well as sculpture. Aptly described by Aspen Art Museum Assistant Curator Simone Krug, Hassinger's work is an "interpretation of the interconnectedness of nature and the industrial."

Rendering the metal malleable, Hassinger references the movement of reeds, grass and the wind itself. In particular, the dance of shadows cast on the ground by the curved lines of Paradise Regained will track the movement of time through the course of the day and over the year that it will be installed at Oklahoma Contemporary. The accessibility of the Sculpture Garden to visitors entering the building provides a space for what Hassinger underscores as “our tenuous relationship to nature,” connecting each viewer to what might be fragile or responsive in the interdependent nature of our ecosystem.

This exhibition is sponsored by Annie Bohanon, George Records, Glenna and Richard Tanenbaum, Velocigo and Chuck and Renate Wiggin.

Images: Maren Hassinger, Paradise Regained (detail), 2020. Wire rope and concrete. © Maren Hassinger. Photo by Sarah Ondak.

Maren Hassinger, Garden (detail), 2020. Wire rope and concrete. © Maren Hassinger. Photo by Sarah Ondak.

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