Four repurposed shipping containers serve as the first step toward Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center’s future home.
Showroom at Oklahoma Contemporary sits in downtown Oklahoma City, at NW 11th and Broadway.

Showroom at Oklahoma Contemporary

1146 N. Broadway Dr. | Oklahoma City
11 a.m.-6 p.m. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
11 a.m.-8 p.m. Thursday

Designed by HSEarchitects, four repurposed shipping containers, overlooking Campbell Park, will temporarily house exhibitions, events and an art library and serve as the first step toward Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center’s future home. Visit the Showroom to see and learn about creative work produced by today’s artists.

Currently located at State Fair Park, Oklahoma Contemporary will soon build a new campus on the Showroom site, at NW 11th and Broadway. Offering production, performance and presentation facilities, the center will become an arts beacon for the city, region and beyond. 

The Showroom is as a resource for anyone who wants to be part of the contemporary cultural moment, a place for visitors to learn about issues and topics influencing today's painting, sculpture, installation, performance, video, architecture and design.

One resource is the building’s growing library. Visitors can browse the stacks and relax with a good read over a lunch hour or on a visit to downtown.

In addition to reading about contemporary art, visitors can see it. In the spring of 2016, David Steele Overholt created In One Ear ..., a site-specific new-media installation specifically for the Showroom at Oklahoma Contemporary. The exhibition, a kaleidoscope of overlapping video clips in constant flux, ruled by a soundtrack broadcast on radio frequency 99.9 FM, ran through Sept. 2, 2016. Read more about the exhibit and a special event here.

More details about the Showroom's purpose, ongoing new media exhibitions and more are available here.

Want to help Oklahoma Contemporary build a premier reference library? Review this Amazon wish list of titles. The library will begin as the Showroom's reading room and move to a permanent home in the future building. By buying a book, you can make a part of the Showroom your own.

Upcoming Showroom events:

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Watch the event section of Oklahoma Contemporary's Facebook page to learn about pairings of local artists.

As scheduled: FREE Field Trips
The Showroom offers visitors an opportunity to be a part of the contemporary cultural moment. On-site arts education programs for third- through 12th-grade students are available.