We are closed until Dec. 1 per Mayor Holt's recommendation.

Oklahoma Contemporary
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COVID Protocols

Your health and safety are our first priority. We’ve launched a variety of new protocols as we slowly share our new facilities and exhibitions amid a global health crisis.

There are four important things for you to know about visiting our new arts center: We’re dramatically limiting capacity in each of our spaces/programs, masks are now required, social distancing will be marked and enforced, and our building and surfaces will be regularly sanitized. You can read more about those and other procedures below. Please refrain from visiting if you have any symptoms or may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Other protocols to note:

If you have questions about our COVID-19 procedures, please call (405) 951-0000 or email info@okcontemp.org.

Oklahoma Contemporary has taken steps to limit the possibility of transmission of COVID-19 in our facilities and at our events, but we cannot eliminate all possibility of exposure. Any visit to a public space carries inherent risk, and all visitors in our spaces voluntarily accept and assume that risk. 

Closed Monday - Sunday

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Oklahoma Contemporary
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