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Camp | Masking-Tape Mural: Color Edition

Back by popular demand! Take the art of line to the next level in this collaborative mural camp. Explore how to turn small ideas into massive projects by designing and installing a giant colorful masking-tape mural that will be created and displayed in the Education Wing Gallery.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Skateboard Design and Creation

This camp will focus on the creative side of skateboarding culture. Design your own custom skateboard shape; sketch and paint a unique graphic design; create skating zines; and learn how it all comes together by assembling and adding hardware and wheels. As a group, you’ll explore skateboard ramp design and construction with an emphasis on creative construction. You’ll have time to practice skateboarding before you show off your original board and stellar moves at Friday’s Camp Contemporary Showcase.

(An additional safety waiver will need to be signed by a parent/guardian after registering for this camp. An Oklahoma Contemporary staff member will email you once your registration is complete. Helmet, knee and elbow pads will be required to participate.)

This camp is sold out!

Camp (four-day week) | Collab-Collage Studio

Start off with an inspiring guided tour of the Off the Wall exhibition led by an Oklahoma Contemporary staff member. In the studio, make an individual collage as well as work with fellow campers to build a giant collaborative collage work out of fiber, cardboard, paint and recycled materials. This camp will not only strengthen your artistic abilities but also hone your ability to work as part of a team. Teamwork makes the art dream work!

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Digital Character Drawing powered by Google

Go digital and expand your artistic abilities in this exciting and contemporary medium! Experience digital drawing on iPad Pros while learning how to create and design well-developed characters. The week will wrap up with your final character being printed, matted and ready to be proudly displayed at home.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Branch Out: Costume Design

Taking inspiration from our natural world, you’ll build a unique costume focusing on trees, leaves and plants. Learn hand sewing, machine sewing, pattern building, proper fabric selection and style techniques. On Friday, you’ll take it to the runway and showcase your evergreen costume to family and friends during the Camp Contemporary Showcase.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | ROCK Camp

Unleash your inner rock star! In this camp, explore the diverse landscape of modern rock, pop and folk music as well as learn to jam on your own. There will be a variety of instruments to play including drums, guitars, keyboards, and more. During the week you’ll learn songs as a group, then perform your tunes for family and friends at Friday’s Camp Contemporary Showcase. ROCK ON, campers!

(Previous musical instrument experience is recommended for registered campers. If available, it is encouraged that campers bring a musical instrument/s of their choosing. Desired instruments cannot be guaranteed. Additional information will be emailed to registered parents/guardians at least two weeks before the start of camp.)

This camp is sold out!

Camp | 3-D Digital Sculpting powered by Google

It’s clay sculpting, but without the mess! In this exciting camp, you’ll learn and practice 3-D digital sculpting using state-of-the-art equipment and iPad Pros. Campers will design, edit and add details to their own original animated characters. On Friday, final digital characters will be on display for family and friends to enjoy at the Camp Contemporary Showcase.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Blacklight Fashion Remix

Need a new glowing look? Add your personal style to a jacket or piece of clothing in your closet that could use an artistic touch! Learn hand-sewing, crocheting, and tailoring tips all while embellishing your on-trend garment with neon and glow-in-the-dark fabric, paint, fringe, and much more. Your finished look will be on display in the art studio for family and friends to awe over.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Inflatable Art powered by Google

That’s right, your art can be inflatable! Learn how to use abstract painting practices and sewing techniques to build an individual inflatable painting. Taking inspiration from artwork on view and instructor Katelynn Noel Knick’s own works, create a colorful, 3-D inflatable art piece that is sure to impress family and friends.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Mural Painting

Grab a brush and paint the walls with us! Learn the process of mural painting while understanding its complexities. This camp includes collaborating, sketching, cutting large-scale stencils and painting to create a multilayered mural. You and fellow campers will discuss the modern mural movement and learn the history of public mural art around Oklahoma City and beyond.

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Miniature Clay Creations

Taking inspiration from contemporary ceramic artist Katie Marks’s whimsical style, explore scale and color while learning coil building, wheel throwing, surface adornment and underglaze application. Don’t miss your chance to go tiny while learning big in this playful ceramic camp!

This camp is sold out!

Camp | What’s that Sound? Intro to Sound Design

Expand your idea of what music can be with this hands-on camp dedicated to the wide world of sound. Explore both the musical and technical aspects of sound design. Together with your fellow campers, practice listening, finding sounds and using those sounds to make original music. Additionally, learn how to enhance those sounds using recording, audio editing and MIDI sequencing. Campers will present individual and collaborative music pieces at Friday’s Camp Contemporary Showcase!

This camp is sold out!

Camp | DJ Camp powered by Google

Learn the basics of DJing, including equipment setups, DJ etiquette and how DJing fits in hip-hop culture. Practice DJing on state-of-the-art equipment taught by local industry leaders and artists. On Friday, show off your new skills during the Camp Contemporary Showcase. Register now and make DJ Camp the highlight of your summer!

This camp is sold out!

Camp | Upcycled Sculptures

Expand your understanding of sculpture and public art by looking at and learning about innovative contemporary artist Artur Bordalo. Turn trash into artistic treasure by giving unwanted items a new life. Learn and practice light carpentry skills, how to safely use hand tools and modern-day recycled art practices to create 3-D, upcycled sculptures. You’ll never look at discarded items the same way!

This camp is sold out! Sign up for the waitlist here.


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