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Alicia Eggert at TEDSummit 2019
A figure stands on a stage with elaborate background lighting resembling a mountain range, along with a screen featuring an experimental light sculpture

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June 23, 2020

VIDEO: Alicia Eggert on Imaginative Sculpture

The Bright Golden Haze artist talks reality and perception at TEDSummit
A circular light sculpture, featuring the following text rendered in yellow neon: "the sun doesn't go down / it's just an illusion caused / by the world spinning 'round"
The Sun by Alicia Eggert features lyrics from Oklahoma's former state rock song, Do You Realize?? by The Flaming Lips.

Can sculpture change the way we see the world? Bright Golden Haze artist Alicia Eggert thinks so. In a fascinating talk at last year's TEDSummit in Edinburgh, Scotland, the interdisciplinary artist explored the possibilities of experimental sculpture to help us understand how we relate to each other — and how we might build a better future together.

Eggert's own motorized, mixed-media sculpture (The Sun) will greet Oklahoma Contemporary visitors in the main lobby once we are able to safely open our doors. Inspired by the lyrics to Oklahoma's former state rock song (The Flaming Lips' Do You Realize??), this mesmerizing light sculpture rotates 360 degrees, signaling the themes of light and place in our inaugural exhibition.

Until you're able to experience Eggert's sculpture for yourself, check out the video from her 2019 TedSummit talk in which the artist discusses her work and the power of art to offer a guiding light in dark times.


Alicia Eggert onstage at TEDSummit 2019. Still from TED video, Imaginative sculptures that explore how we perceive reality | Alicia Eggert. (Source: YouTube)

Alicia Eggert, The Sun, 2015. Neon, motor and mixed media. Photo courtesy of the artist.

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