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Two colorful outdoor sculptures hang vertically in front of a red house

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July 07, 2020

Camp-in-Place #AtHomeArt: The Colors of the Wind

Make your own hanging outdoor sculpture with recycled and found materials
A display of craft materials including yarn, beads, multicolored sharpies, ribbon and more
Use found and recycled items from around your house in today's Camp-in-Place #AtHomeArt project.

Camp-in-Place #AtHomeArt projects from Camp Contemporary instructors and Youth and Family staff. Sponsored by SONIC Drive-In.

Oklahoma is where the wind comes sweeping down the plain — so let's use it to make some art! Today's #AtHomeArt project from Camp Contemporary instructor Autumn N. Brown offers step-by-step instruction on making your own vibrant wind sculpture.

This week's Camp-in-Place project combines recycled and found materials to create a sculpture that will sway in the wind and brighten up any garden, yard or patio. Rummage through junk drawers, craft bins and closets for items you can turn into art. The size, color and sound combinations are endless. Let's get started!

A display of craft items and found materials, including string, sticks, corks, twine and more
Search indoors and out for all the materials you'll need to make your own hanging outdoor sculpture.


A close-up image of hands painting a stick red
Remember when painting your stick: the brighter the better!


Painting your sticks

Two modified plastic containers hand painted in multiple colors
Have fun and experiment when embellishing your base.

Embellishing the base

A display of multicolored strings, along with small decorative flowers and beads
Wrap your sticks in string, such as ribbon, yarn, fishing line, twine or heavy thread.

Adding strings

Adding string to bottom of stick / adding embellishments

Two homemade wind sculptures hang in front of a red house with a white-trimmed window
Your new outdoor wind sculpture is sure to brighten up any garden, yard or patio

Putting it all together

Autumn N. Brown is a teaching artist who has taught around the Oklahoma City metro area for more than eight years, including Camp Contemporary, after-school programs and homeschool co-ops. She loves introducing children to contemporary art ideas while sneaking in the fundamentals. Brown has a background in arts nonprofits, galleries, advertising and television production. When not teaching, she balances her time between working on her own art and homeschooling her children.

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