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Nym Hansen

Visitor Experience Supervisor

A white person with bright yellow hair and colorful makeup smiles, looking to the side They are dressed in an off-white blouse, with a rainbow choker necklace and colorful pom-pom earrings.

Nym Hansen took on the role of visitor experience supervisor after a year of engaging with guests and staff in their dual roles of visitor experience associate and gallery guide. As a front of house supervisor, they protect artworks from accidental damage, enthusiastically welcome guests at the front desk and support the Visitor Experience team in every way they can.

Nym is a passionate artist, an ever-curious storyteller and an animated host. They have experimented with many creative practices, including writing horror short stories, painting in a myriad of mediums and crafting immersive, interactive environments. Their illustrations and comics have been published in local and university publications. Committed to art education, they organized and taught a children’s art class, Whimsy Art Lab, for many semesters. As an artist, they are infatuated with vibrant saturation, maximalism and anything with a narrative. Their murals are still enjoyed in their hometown of Kansas City. Most recently, their multimedia piece, i say, “i want this to last forever” when I mean, “i expect this to end,” was exhibited here at Oklahoma Contemporary in art_work_2022.

Before settling in Oklahoma City, Nym was born in Florida, raised in Kansas City, college-educated in Arkansas and a Los Angeles inhabitant for three years. When away from the arts center, they enjoy a wide variety of hobbies, including reading, hyperanalyzing animated movies and becoming as bizarre as possible.

Email: foh (at) okcontemp.org

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